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The Best Yoga Retreats in Portugal (in English!) 2021

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A yoga retreat is an incredible opportunity to take your yoga practice deeper. Retreats create a fully immersive experience so you can forge a distraction-free connection with yourself and your practice. 

Portugal is one of Europe’s best retreat destinations because of its temperate climate and abundance of nature. Warm salty air, cork-tree covered landscapes and tropical beaches create an ideal setting for a yoga retreat. Fresh local produce and affordable price points are the cherry on top.  

Each yoga retreat offers something different and unique, and the right one for you depends on your personal preferences. Some offer more traditional yogic experiences, including long meditation practices, alcohol-free and vegetarian menus, and even vows of silence. Others offer a more contemporary interpretation of the yoga practice, and may include other forms of mindful movement such as Surfing or Hiking. 

Fortunately, many retreats take place in Portugal, so there is an opportunity of yogis of all levels and schools of practice to enjoy. Below is a list of some of the best yoga retreats in Portugal- all of which are led in English. 

Best Yoga Retreats in Portugal 2021/2022



About: “Run by international yoga teacher duo Lisa and Nazareno, Inspiro Yoga offers retreats and immersions for Vinyasa lovers and yoga teachers who want to deepen their practice and reconnect to themselves. You can expect creative, skillfully taught Vinyasa yoga that will make you feel strong and re-inspired, both on your mat and in life. Beautiful, carefully handpicked venues, delicious wholesome food and a chance to grow your yoga community and make new friends from all over the world.”

Where: Ericeira, Portugal

Practice Level: Some experience recommended 

Practice Style: Vinyasa, Mediation

When: October 5 - 10 2021 | December 29 - 3 Jan 2021

Investment: Starting at €1099



About:This retreat was created for those in seek of transformation. During the course of 5 days [Karol] will share tools that help [her] create a better and happier life for [herself]. This will be an opportunity for you to rest and reset your mind & body from daily life stress. Besides our daily Yoga practice, Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation, we will have workshops on specific topics (eg. emotional intelligence, yoga alignment and philosophy). But don't worry! It's not just about hard work, we will also have plenty of time to take nature walks, go to the beach or explore the cutest villages nearby!”

Practice Level: Some experience recommended

Practice Style: Vinyasa, Mediation

Where: Ericeira, Portugal

When: October 1-6 2021

Investment: Starting at €750 

MOINHOS VELHOS Juice Detox & Yoga Retreat


About: “For the past 30 years we have facilitated our concept of a juice detox retreat for body, mind and spirit. We were guided to establish Moinhos Velhos in the Algarve, Portugal, where we fine-tuned our programme to achieve cleansing and detoxification on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We are in a tranquil valley 14 km from Lagos, situated in a nature reserve, away from the traditional tourist areas and we are energized by a multitude of tiny crystals in the surrounding hills. Here we go to bed with the silence of the stars at night and wake up to the songs of the birds in the morning. Beautiful.”

Practice Level: All levels

Practice Style: Hatha, Sivananda

Where: Algarve, Portugal

When: Dates available year-round

Investment: Starting at €995 

ALMASHALA Art of Vinyasa Retreat


About: “Take time for yourself and honour your temple with a breakaway in beautiful Sintra. Join us for one week and be immersed in nature.During this time together we are going to explore the Vinyasa discipline starting from the most traditional approach, the eastern one, till the most contemporary and creative one.This experience is designed for those who wish to go deeper into the practice of  Vinyasa Yoga, to understand its techniques, its secrets, it philosophy.”

Practice Level: Some experience recommended

Practice Style: Vinyasa, Kundalini

Where: Sintra, Portugal

When: Dates available from April - October

Investment: Starting at €495 

REVEALING VAJRA Silence & Meditation Retreat


About: “Practicing Silence is a common practice in all great traditions and the recipe to really retreat from the world. This week is ideal to enjoy silence in a very loving way. This is not a meditation bootcamp. This is not about hardcore stuff or pushing your spiritual growth. This silence retreat is simply about turning down the volume. About listening and about becoming more aware. About taking a holiday, away from daily communication.”

Practice Level: Some experience recommended

Practice Style: Hatha & Meditation

Where: Alentejo, Portugal

When: October 9-16, 2021

Investment: Starting at €1950

BUDDHA Surf & Yoga Retreats


About: “Buddha Retreats is a yoga and surf retreat in Portugal 70km north of Lisbon in the picturesque village of Columbeira. We offer a place where guests can relax and recharge and slow down from the often fast-paced daily life and take care of body and mind. At Buddha Retreats we are as passionate about teaching yoga as we are about teaching surfing and our certified instructors will make sure that you have the best learning experience possible.”

Practice Level: Beginner

Practice Style: Iyengar

Where: Columbeira, Portugal (Silver Coast)

When: Dates available April - October

Investment: Starting at €425 


SALTY PELICAN Surf & Yoga Retreat


About:Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea breeze moving through the trees… practicing yoga at sunrise right by the seaside… hearing nothing but the sounds of crashing waves and catching your first waves on Portugal’s beautiful coastline. Here at The Salty Pelican is a place to be happy... A place to feel like your own... a place to feel like home... it’s an entire experience consisting of everything we love: surf, yoga, sun, sea, salt, adventures, great people and good vibes. So kick-up your feet... grab a cold sangria and really enjoy the spectacular BBQ sunset dinners here. Life is just that easy at The Salty Pelican...."

Practice Level: Beginner

Practice Style: Vinyasa

Where: Cascais, Portugal or Ericeira, Portugal

When: Dates available year-round

Investment: Starting at €205

SLOW DOWN RETREAT by Andreina Vila 


About: “A long weekend to slowly un-hold our daily habits and routines to immerse into our yoga practice on a journey of deep rest and renewal for body, mind and soul in a beautiful, quiet green valley in South West Portugal. Our own experience takes us inwards. Introspection is fundamental to yoga practice. Through embodied movement, presence of nature, meditation, chanting, creativity, nourishing meals, you’re invited to care for and to nourish from the inside out and from the outside in.”

Practice Level: Some experience recommended

Practice Style: Vinyasa, Slow Somatic Flow

Where: Odemeira, Portugal (Alentejo)

When: May 1-6 2022

Investment: Starting at €395