Why Portuguese Cork Yoga Mats?

Portuguese cork trees Gecko Yoga

When most people think of cork, wine stoppers and office supplies come to mind. But what if we gave you a different mental image?

Like a Portuguese farmer planting the seedling of a tree for his grandchildren to harvest. Or miles upon miles of cork trees sprawled across the Alentejo country side, each one an investment from past generations. Or the crackling of the bark as it's gently peeled back from the cork oak; a tree that sheds its outer layer every nine years, only to grow back stronger each time.

Every cork yoga mat we create tells a story just like this one. Every time we step on our cork yoga mats, we connect to these roots. And did we mention that cork is completely sustainable and naturally non-slip?

Why We Love Cork

Gecko Cork Yoga Mat


No cork trees were harmed in the making of your yoga mat! In fact, cork trees naturally shed their bark in nine-year cycles, and harvesting the bark promotes the healthy growth of the tree. Cork trees are only ready to harvest once they're at least 25 years old, and this process can be repeated up to 20 times.


Most conventional yoga mats are made from synthetic plastics that take thousands of years to decompose, and release toxic gasses in the process. Cork, on the other hand, is 100% natural and biodegradable.


Cork has naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, meaning germs and bacteria can't grow on the surface of your yoga mat. Cork is also resistant to dust and airborne allergens, so you can enjoy those deeeeep inhales.


There’s a good reason cork is used to store wine for decades on end. While we don't recommend mixing wine with your yoga practice, cork is highly resistant to moisture and wear. In other words, your cork yoga mat is built to last.


Cork is light enough to travel with, yet cushiony enough to be supportive. This is due to the bark’s honeycomb-like composition, which gives cork enough flexibility to absorb impact. Your joints will thank you.


No more banana peeling on your mat during downward facing dog. Cork has a naturally non-slip surface so you can embody your inner gecko. In fact, the more you sweat, the gripper it gets, allowing you to feel safe and grounded in your practice.

Cork Yoga Block

We only use premium Portuguese cork. That's a promise.

Portuguese cork trees Gecko Yoga

Portuguese cork is regarded as the best in all the world due to its superb growth conditions and quality standards.

Cork production and manufacturing is one of the nation’s largest and oldest industries, supporting much of the rural economy. But, like Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Sardines, cork production is much more than just part of the country's economy; it's part of the culture.

Due to its quality and artisanship, Portuguese cork is more expensive than cork sourced from other parts of the world. However, buying Portuguese cork is the only way to guarantee the quality of the raw material, the authenticity of the product (i.e. not mixed with other materials), and adherence to the highest sustainability standards.