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    Check out these 5 challenging yoga poses that can be modified with a cork yoga block.
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    Natural doesn't always mean sustainable. Here’s why natural rubber yoga mats are actually harmful for the environment, and what you can buy instead.
  • This is Why You Should Use a Yoga Block for Seated Meditation

    It’s well known that yoga is an ancient practice with roots in modern day India.  But the yoga practiced in the time of the Vedas (the ancient tex...
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    Check out the best yoga and mindfulness podcasts to listen while you relax or for those big morning walks. These podcasts cover everything from yoga, spirituality, ayurveda, self-development & more!
  • 5 Reasons Why Cork Yoga Mats are Eco-Friendly

    Cork is one of the most sustainable and versatile raw materials available. Here are the top 5 Reasons Cork Yoga Mats are Eco-Friendly, and why you should make the switch to cork!
  • This is How Long Your Yoga Mat Will Take to Decompose

    Is your yoga mat biodegradable, or will it sit in a landfill for hundreds of years once you're done using it? In this article, we'll tell you just how long your yoga mat will take to decompose.
  • How to Create a Yoga Practice in 2022 [With Printable Yoga Planner]

    Are you ready to start a yoga practice that actually sticks? Here are a few steps to help you build a consistent practice in the upcoming year, PLUS a printable planner to keep you on track.

  • How to Use a Massage Ball

    Massage balls - sometimes called roll and release balls, triggerpoint balls, or myofascial release balls - can work wonders on tight muscles and f...
  • The Best Yoga Retreats in Portugal (in English!) 2022

    A yoga retreat is an incredible opportunity to take your yoga practice deeper. Here are some of our favorite yoga retreats in Portugal, all led in English.
  • How We Make Our Cork Yoga Mats

    Want to know how we make our cork yoga mats? In this article, we’ll take you through the whole process, from cork tree to tree pose!
  • How Much Does a Yoga Mat Cost?

    Yoga mats can range anywhere from €5-€300. So what's the difference between them, and how much should you be investing in your yoga mat?
  • Is Your Yoga Mat Keeping a Dirty Secret?

    How dirty is your yoga mat? Studies have shown that shocking amounts of germs, fungi, and bacteria live on yoga mats. Here’s how to keep yours clean.