10 Reasons Your Office Should Invest in Corporate Yoga Classes

10 reasons to invest in corporate yoga classes

Although yoga is a spiritual practice that originated in ancient India, it has made its way into mainstream western culture as a popular form of exercise and stress relief. In fact, many companies are recognizing the power of this practice on workplace performance, and incorporating it into their employee wellness programs. 

In this article, we’ll explain some of the benefits of corporate yoga classes, and what kind of return your organization can expect to see from investing in yoga.

First, Why is Employee Wellness Important?

employee wellness

The financial well-being of your company is directly correlated to the well-being of its employees.

When employees are stressed, overworked, and unhealthy, they are unable to perform at their full potential, and more likely to change jobs. Unproductive employees and high staff turnover not only contribute to a toxic work environment, but they come at a direct cost to your organization. According to Conscious Working, employee burnout cost companies in the US $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity in 2022. 

Simply put, it’s in your organization’s best interest to invest in the health of your employees. 

But this doesn’t just mean physical health; supporting your staff’s mental health, emotional wellbeing, and interpersonal dynamics are equally critical. Yoga classes are one of the few activities that you can implement that actually address each one of these areas from a holistic perspective.  

How exactly? We’ll break it down.

Here are 10 Reasons to Invest in Corporate Yoga Classes

corporate yoga classes

1. Yoga Improves the Physical Health of Your Employees

One of the biggest benefits of offering yoga classes to employees is the improvement in employee health. Yoga is known to help reduce stress, increase flexibility, and improve overall fitness levels. When employees are healthier, they are less likely to get sick and miss work, resulting in reduced healthcare costs and increased productivity.

2. Yoga Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The workplace can be a stressful environment, and stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on employee productivity and morale. Through breath work, mindfulness, and other techniques that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, yoga helps to reduce stress and manage anxiety, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

3. Yoga Classes Help Strengthen Team Dynamics

Yoga classes can help boost employee morale by providing an opportunity for employees to come together and engage in a shared activity. It can help create a sense of community and foster a positive, supportive, and non-judgmental work culture.

4. Regular Yoga Practice Increases Productivity

When employees are less stressed and healthier, they are more productive. Yoga can help employees focus better, be more creative, and have more energy throughout the day. By offering yoga classes to employees, companies can improve productivity and achieve better business outcomes.

5. Corporate Yoga Classes Help Attract and Retain Talent

Offering yoga classes to employees can help companies attract and retain talent. Many job seekers, especially Millennials and Gen Z’ers, are looking for companies that prioritize employee well-being and offer benefits to their staff. By offering such benefits, companies can attract top talent and reduce employee turnover.

6. Promotes Work-Life Balance

Yoga classes can help promote work-life balance by giving employees an opportunity to take a break from work and focus on their well-being. It can also help employees find a better balance between work and personal life, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced burnout.

7. Yoga Improves Company Culture

Companies that offer yoga classes to their employees are often seen as more progressive and employee-friendly. This can help improve company culture by creating a positive image and promoting a healthy work environment.

8. Corporate Yoga Classes are Low-Cost and Easy to Implement

Offering yoga classes to employees is a low-cost benefit that can have a big impact. It requires minimal equipment, making it much more cost-effective than most team building activities. Furthermore, it can be done on-site, eliminating the need for employees to travel to a gym, saving them time and money, and increasing their chances of actually participating. 

9. Yoga is Accessible

Unlike other physical activities, yoga is a practice that is accessible for all ages, fitness levels, and body types. It does not require previous experience, and can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual in the group. Even employees who don’t want to participate in the physical movement will still benefit from just simply taking the time to stop and breathe. 

10. Corporate Yoga Classes Demonstrate a Commitment to Employee Well-Being

By offering yoga classes to employees, companies demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being. According to LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Report, wellbeing is one of the highest values to employees, with organizations being encouraged to “Trade burning the midnight oil for morning yoga.” In fact, many job seekers today would rather take a lower paying job at an organization that aligns with their values and prioritizes their wellbeing, than a high paying job at a company they do not identify with. 

How to Get Started with Corporate Yoga Classes

Want to make yoga classes a part of your office wellness program? Here are three easy steps to get started.

1. Find a qualified yoga teacher in your area.

Some yoga teachers specialize in office yoga classes, and know exactly how to adapt the practice to a corporate audience. Many yoga teachers these days have their own websites, so you can simply start with a search on Google, or even via Instagram. You can also check the Yoga Alliance directory for a list of YA certified teachers. 

2. Invest in equipment.

corporate yoga class gecko yoga

Corporate Yoga & Soundbath Event in Copenhagen, with equipment by Gecko Yoga

Most yoga teachers do not provide yoga mats for their students, so make sure you have all the equipment needed for your staff. At the very minimum, you’ll need yoga mats, but most yoga teachers will recommend having blocks as well. 

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3. Create an environment for success

To make sure that your staff get the most benefits, that your yoga teacher is able to teach effectively, and that you are maximizing your investment in your organization, you need to create an environment for success. 

  • Give staff 15 minutes before and after class to transition to/from work mode
  • Set expectations for the class (will it be challenging? relaxing?) so your employees can get into the right mindset.
  • Make sure everyone shows up prepared physically. This includes not showing up with a full stomach, wearing the appropriate clothing, and staying hydrated. 
  • Providing everyone with space to practice — simply shuffling around your desks to clear some floor space is enough! 
  • Oriente your yoga teacher to your organization. Make sure they know how much time, space, and number of participants so they can prepare accordingly. Also, let them know what a day at your organization looks like (lots of solo work on the computer? client calls? stressful meetings?)  so they can best address your team’s specific needs.
  • Lastly, make sure everyone shows up on time and with a shared intention. Yoga classes should be fun and relaxing, and this is only possible if everyone is committed to creating a safe, supportive environment. Be sure to give students space to share feedback after classes.

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