Wholesale Yoga Mats for Corporate Yoga Classes

cork yoga mats for corporate yoga

Are you a company or coworking space looking to invest in the wellbeing of your organization with office yoga classes? Gecko offers special wholesale rates for our corporate partners. Inquire below. 

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Why Corporate Yoga Classes?

Corporate wellness is more than just a modern day buzzword — it's an important investment in the sustainability of your organization. Yoga is a highly accessible practice that at once improves the mental and physical health of the individual, and strengthens team dynamics. 

According to corporate wellbeing experts, Conscious Working, improved employee health not only improves workplace culture, productivity, staff engagement and retention, but it can save your organization the costs of employee burnout, absenteeism, and turnover.  

Long-Lasting, High-Functioning, and Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

In addition to employee wellness, environmental consciousness is a top priority for companies looking to future-proof their business model. Not only is building a sustainable workplace is a huge success factor for recruitment, but it can also lead to improved profitability.

If your organization is planning to go green, then your yoga mats should be no exception. Gecko's sustainable Cork Yoga Mats are made from Premium Portuguese Cork, a fully renewable and biodegradable material.

Not only are these mats more eco-friendly than traditional plastic yoga mats, but they retain their value much better. Cheap plastic yoga mats tend to fall apart after a handful of practices, while our cork yoga mats on the other hand are designed for the long haul. They're also naturally non-slip, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, meaning they won't trap bacteria and odors after group uses.

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Made in Portugal & Shipped Directly to Your Office

Our cork yoga mats are made and dispatched from Portugal. Simply place your order, and wait for your cork yoga mats to arrive at your office doorstep!

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