How Much Does a Yoga Mat Cost?

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If you’re looking for a new yoga mat, then you’ve probably noticed a huge variation in price from one mat to the next. This gaping price range has most likely left you scratching your head and wondering what the difference really is between the cheapest and the most expensive. 

In this article, we’ll help you understand how much yoga mats typically cost, why they cost what they do, and how much you should invest in your mat. 

How Much Do Yoga Mats Cost on Average?

This depends on who makes it, and where you buy it from. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common places to purchase a yoga mat, and their average price points.

Note: prices are listed in EUR(€), but you can expect to find very similar values in USD($) and GBP(£). 

Sporting Goods Store

The price range for yoga mats at a big box sporting goods store is typically from 8 - 50. The average price of a yoga mat from a retailer like this is 25.

Online Marketplace

The price range for yoga mats from an online marketplace like Amazon is much broader, starting as low as 6 and going all the way up to €300. However, most yoga mats sold on Amazon are between €10 and €50, with the average price also being around €25. 

Large Athleisure Brand

There are a handful of big brands who dominate the athleisure industry, encompassing yoga, pilates, and any other legging-clad fitness regimen. The average price for a mat from one of these brands is €100.

Small Yoga Mat Brand

There are also a lot of smaller, independent brands and artisans selling yoga mats, like those you’ll find on Etsy. The price range for yoga mats from these lesser known brands is typically around 20 - 150, with the average price being €50.

Cork Yoga Mat Brands

Cork yoga mats can range from 30 - 200. The variation in price is directly correlated to the origin of the cork itself. Cheaper cork yoga mats typically come from China, and they do not meet the same ethical, sustainability, or quality standards as Portuguese cork yoga mats. The average price of a Portuguese cork yoga mat is 100.

Why Do Some Yoga Mats Cost Much More than Others? 

plastic yoga mats

When talking about plastic or rubber yoga mats, the main reason for such a broad price range is the huge variation in quality. “Low cost” yoga mats tend to be less supportive and do not last very long, showing signs of wear and decomposition after only a year. PVC yoga mats are typically the cheapest, but they’re also the least environmentally friendly of them all. 

Another reason for price variation is branding. A 100 mat and a 50 mat may be identical in composition and quality- they may even come from the same factory- but when you buy the 100 mat, you’re also buying the status symbol. 

Additionally, quality is not synonymous with environmental friendliness, non-toxicity, or ethical production standards. Many of these “high quality” yoga mats are mass produced and made from toxic, nonbiodegradable plastics

To ensure that your mat truly embodies the values of yoga, you’re best going with a Portuguese Cork Yoga Mat.

How Much Should A Yoga Mat Cost? 

It’s no secret that yoga has become a hugely profitable industry in recent years. Unfortunately, as a result, yoga is getting more and more disconnected from its Vedic roots and ethics. 

Most athleisure brands bear more resemblance to fast-fashion than to yoga. The evidence for this is in the hyperinflated margins on yoga mats.

Majority of plastic, rubber, and even some cork yoga mats are produced in China. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, the issue becomes clear when you zoom out and look at the supply chain as a whole. On average, these yoga mats see a markup of 10x. This means if a mat retails for 100, it only costs the brand 10 to source the materials, produce the mat, and ship it overseas.

For comparison, the average markup on a Portuguese Cork Yoga Mat is only 1-2x.

As part of our Conscious Supply Chain at Gecko, we reject spiritual commodification and use honest, fair pricing on all of our products. Our products cost what they do to make sure that sustainability is not sacrificed in the name of efficiency, and that every hand involved in the making of our products receives a fair cut. 

How Much Should You Invest on A Yoga Mat?

A yoga mat is not a cost; it’s an investment. When deciding on how much to invest in a yoga mat, try to look past the trendy branding and instead focus on the mat itself. 

Does the mat offer you the quality, durability, and support that you need for your practice? Is the mat sustainable, and does it truly embody the values of yoga? 

To help you in your search for your perfect mat and deciding how much to invest, check out our Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Yoga Mat. 

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