TERRA Yoga Retreat Portugal by Gaya x Gecko

terra yoga retreat portugal

We've partnered with our friends at Gaya to bring you TERRA: a 5-day yoga and wellness retreat inspired by the landscapes of Alentejo. 

Hosted at Craveiral Farmhouse from September 18-22, 2024 this curated retreat experience is an invitation to reconnect with the earth element around and within.

Following our commitment to sustainability and taking yoga beyond the mat, this retreat is designed with environmental and social consciousness in mind. We will keep ancient traditions alive by honoring not only the traditional wisdom of yoga sciences, but by preserving the local artisanship and practices of our host land.

Throughout a 5-day journey of yoga, breathwork, meditation, journaling, and immersion in nature, you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga
  • Establish a sense of grounding and rootedness
  • Disconnect and recharge from the stress of daily life
  • Honor your body and your relationship with nature
  • Start integrating ancient yogic wisdom into your daily routine

Your Yoga Teachers: Sara Montes & Nicolette Gavino 

Sara Montes is a senior yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and founder of Gaya Immersions. Nicolette (Nicky) Gavino is a yoga teacher, Yoga Gives Back global ambassador, and founder of Gecko Yoga. Together, Sara and Nicky will guide you on a 5-day journey to connect with the earth element around and within.



Down-to-Earth Luxury at Craveiral Farmhouse

Halfway between the countryside and the sea, and only 2h30 south of Lisbon (1h30 north of Faro), Craveiral is where rustic Portuguese living meets modern comfort. The venue functions as a fully functioning organic farm and sustainable boutique hotel, equipped with indoor & outdoor swimming pools, sauna, ice bath, and. spa. When we’re not on-site practicing yoga, receiving rejuvenating massages, or taking barefoot walks amongst the olive trees, we’ll make the short journey over to one of the secluded beaches of the famous Alentejo coastline.

craveiral farmhouse terra yoga retreat

Farm-to-Table Dining

At TERRA, we’ll be nourished by the Earth and Portugal’s natural abundance. Enjoy a vibrant menu of plant-based, Mediterranean-inspired meals prepared by Craveiral’s renowned chefs using fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients from the on-site farm.

farm to table dining craveiral

Cork Yoga Mats Provided by Gecko

Our cork yoga mats will lay the foundation for our yogic practices. Consciously made from one of Alentejo’s most celebrated natural resources, the cork tree, our yoga mats will bring us in direct contact with nature with each practice. 
gecko cork yoga mats terra yoga retreat portugal

    About Gaya Immersions

    Gaya was born in 2016 in Bali, the Island of the Gods. Founded by senior yoga teacher and forever student, Sara Montes, Gaya has supported thousands of individuals in their journeys to cultivate a more connected, intentional, and authentic lifestyle through the hidden language of yoga.
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    Retreat Packages & Booking

    All Packages Include: 5-Day 4-Nights Accommodation, 8 Yoga Sessions, 3 Workshops, Daily Farm-to-Table Meals, 1 Massage, 1 Beach Trip, Surprise Event, Gift Bag.

    Private Room

    • Early Bird (before July 1): €2750
    • Regular Price: €3000

    Shared Room

    • Early Bird (before July 1): €2250
    • Regular Price: €2500

    To reserve your spot, please fill out the Gaya booking form by clicking the button below. For questions and inquiries, please email